Black Theatre Workshop - Artist Mentorship Showcase

Every year, a group of emerging artists is selected to be supported and fostered by Black Theatre Workshop’s Artistic Mentorship Program through intensive workshops, industry-based discussions and professional assistant and apprenticeship opportunities. Their 7-months of training culminated with a curated Industry Showcase presented at the Montreal Arts Intercultural in May 2018.


Performers: Benita Bailey, Jeremy Cabrera, Emmanuel Hyppolite, Justin Johnson, Gabe Maharjan, Michelle Rambharose & Gita Miller

Shanti Gonzales - Director
Michelle Soicher - Director
Nikita Bala - Stage Manager
Nalo Soyini - Set Design
Sophie El-Assaad - Costume Design
Lydie Dubuisson - Playwright
Kě Xīn Li - Playwright

Photos: Kym Dominique-Ferguson

Gabe Maharjan